Sunday, August 8, 2010

North Shore Adventures and a Sighting of the Bike Coach!!

It's been a long time since my last post. I actually wrote and published one last week but took it down because it was too negative (basically I was complaining about the MBTA).

At the beginning of this weekend's bike adventure I was tempted to put it back up. My sister and I took the Newburyport/Rockport Line out of the city to Lynn, where we got off to bike to Nahant. The MBTA advertises: Summer weekends you can enjoy our Greenbush and Rockport Line bike coaches. For the second time in a row I tried to take advantage of this (last time was Greenbush) there were no such bike coaches to be found. We made do but I was all ready to lambaste them for false advertising.

There was still space for our bikes but there weren't any of these bike racks to speak of. My bike only fell on someone once.

We got off in Lynn with plans to bike to Nahant.

Lots of people think Lynn is really sketchy. My sister told me though that one of our relatives got lost in Lynn a while back and when she asked an old lady for directions she replied "You're in Lynn - get out by nightfall." Hilarious. Actually Lynn is not that bad - they have some cute restaurants and nice old fashioned streets. I haven't been there after "nightfall" though so I guess I'm not a fair judge.

In Lynn

 From Lynn it was pretty much a straight shot to the causeway that leads out to Nahant. 

Before you get to the rotary you want to make sure you cross to the left side of the street so you can 1) avoid biking through the rotary and 2) get on the paved path by the beach. You do NOT want to bike across the causeway with the cars! 

 This is from the other side looking back, but coming out you want to make sure you get over to the left side of the street so you don't end up in the rotary and on the causeway
Unless you are a resident of Nahant, the only way you can park there is in one of the lots along the beach, which costs money and requires waiting in line. 

Like these guys 

Fortunately drivers there is a Dunkin' Donuts right there so you can get some while you're waiting to park.
 Biking is the other option.

Or running like this group of Marines

 Doro biking out

Some people think the bike path is too crowded, with walkers, bikers, roller-bladers etc., but it's actually fun to see the all the other units on the path. It's an eclectic group to say the least.
Once you get to Nahant on your bike you can swim at Short Beach, which is a lot less crowded than the one along the causeway people drive to. 

Short Beach

You can also go to Seaside's, Nahant's pizza and subs joint, which is worth the trip in and of itself.

Seaside's - really tasty pizza and best Greek Salad ever

In total it took us about 20 minutes to bike from the commuter rail station in Lynn to Nahant. Not the most satisfying workout, but if you're looking for something longer you can keep heading north along the ocean through Swampscott and Marblehead.

The point sticking out to the far right was hollowed out during WWII and used to house Nike missiles! Now it's a park.

Doro and I spent the day there, went swimming and picnicking with some family. The water was freezing! Don't expect Cape Cod temperatures.


On our way back into the city later that day we got to ride on the bike coach! It was pretty packed - all the seats in the bike car were taken. I was really excited to finally see and use it after all this build-up.

The long awaited bike coach - there is a rack there with straps so you don't have to worry about your bike falling over

All in all it was a nice ride and a fast, easy way to make it to the beach. I highly recommend it!

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